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Your electricity bill is made up of:

Daily Fixed Charge

This is a cents/day charge covering the fixed cost of your energy supply from the network or lines company plus a cost for metering and billing.

Variable Charge

This is a cents/kWh charge for the cost of the amount of electricity you use. It covers the cost of generating, transmitting and distributing the electricity to your home. This rate also includes the variable Electricity Authority levies.

The variable rates available are dependent on your wiring and meter setup. Some variable rates are not applicable in your network area. If you wish to change your meter arrangements, a charge may apply.

Please note:

  • kWh = Kilowatt hour, 1 kWh = 1 unit of electricity.

  • The Daily Fixed Charge applies to each separately metered supply point.

  • Energy Online's credit criteria and standard terms and conditions for the supply of energy apply.

  • Fixed Charges which are specific to your property may apply; these are in addition to the above prices.

  • All rates include the Electricity Authority levy (the Electricity Authority is a government organisation that regulates New Zealand’s electricity market).

  • The Low User is only available for primary residences i.e. not holiday homes.

  • The Low User Pricing Plan is beneficial to households using 8,000 kWh or less per year (or 9000kwh or less if you live in the lower South Island) and is only available to primary residences - for more information , please click here.

  • For customers who joined within the last 12 months, your current prices will remain in effect until the anniversary of when you joined.

  • All rates rounded to two decimal places.

If you have a question or need more information, please email us or call our Customer Excellence Team on 0800 086 400


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